Monday, April 14, 2008

Chad Los Banos M-TYPE, first impressions..

This blade geometry is very functional
The M-TYPE and Trance

I've been friends with knife designer Chad Los Banos for more than eight years. Today, his knives arrived from Hilo, Hawaii after three months of wait. Its my first project for the Malaysia Knife Forums which came under some heavy fire cos someone asshat said I profit from it. Go figure...

Anyways, the first batch of 17 M-TYPEs came in without a hitch including some black and OD paracords belonging to Eric Cheong, a fellah from Ipoh. The weight of all the knives was a killer. Chad had to starve for a week just to send them down.

I popped out the package and took one box out. Boker did a good job with the fit, finish and overall quality. For RM190 a piece, I wouldn't fuss over its 440C steel, which is a decent metal for knives in my humble opinion. The G-10 slab which is reinforced with a steel liner is purty decent. Considering the fact that its manufactured in China, this knife is well-finished and I must say, that its a very practical design for our humid weather.

Chad had thought out many things that are rudimental to a knife design. The ergos, blade geometry and placement of traction grooves made this knife a formidable carry piece for your outdoor as well as personal cutting needs. Needless to say, the factory edge is sharp as hell! The only thing that needs working, is breaking the pivot which is tighter than a bull's ass! Anyways, I think opening it 1,893 times in a week oughta resolve the issue. I think those who have paid for the MKF knives are indeed excited to play with their new acquisition. I am going to the engravers by the end of this week to get the knives blasted with their forum indentities..
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