Friday, April 25, 2008

Lunch with my aunt..

Peter's place
The price list
Lunch crowd - that fatass with the striped shirt used to ran a fruit business back at Jalan Haji Hussein. He's got only one eye.
Choy sum with oyster sauce
Curry fish head with extra shrimps and squid

Went back to Setapak yesterday to do the usual thing on my off days. Took my aunt out for lunch at 'Peter's curry fish head' at Taman Furlong. As usual, the place is packed with people.

Saw some folks who used to run a fruit business back at the Jalan Haji Hussein wet market. Snobs. Not worth my time. Anyways, coming down to the crunch, we had a small serving with additional shrimps and squid. The gravy was a little bit salty for my taste but nevertheless, the portions were adequate. We also had the blanched veges so, everything came up to RM41.25. Its purty standard considering the fact that Peter's place needs no introduction...
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