Friday, April 18, 2008

Knife Forum projects : Year III

This year's Forum Tee Shirt project was a blast!
Year One : the Boker SUBCOM was in honour of our very own Chad Los Banos

Fuah! Its coming to three years already! I formed the Malaysia Knife Forums when I found that the present facility owned by the New Straits Times was not the right place to discuss about knives and such. That was history. No point harping over it.

In June 2006, my efforts began to bear fruit with members from the slowly filling up the gap. As a matter of fact, I have to cull many inactive and dubious account including the sacking of two members for misconduct.

I started the first forum project by getting some help from my buddy Chad Los Banos to use his 'SUBCOM' folding knife as the first forum project. It bore fruit when I delivered 24 pieces without a hitch. Then came the 2007 anniversary and forum knives. Members have also increased as well orders outside Peninsular Malaysia. And the orders were running well over 30 knives for both projects.

This year, I took an order of 28 knives for the 2008 project. Funny how it seems that one of the forums mods had brought up the subject matter of profiteering. I opened it for discussion on the forums and well, was surprised to find that none of the members had come forth to explain the situation fearing reprisal..

With all good things said and done, I am looking forward to close this year's project with delivery of the CLB Boker M-TYPE and HYPER which was chosen by me to represent the Malaysia Knife Forums.
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