Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nokia N82 fun!

The N82
Me and Wireless Adventure II team mate Sadat Foster
My Grinchskies
Hakka noodles
Sir Naughty in a pensive mood

Picked up my first Nokia cellphone earlier this month. Wasn't a big fan of Nokia and I must say that the first phone I purchased for my wife really SUCKED! Anyways, it was a controversial thing with the PR company who handled 'media' sales of the cellphone. They offered only a few and asked media folks to sign up for it. No assurance of getting the deal even though one would actually pay for it. And best of all, the discounts SUCKED. I made a note on this in my gadget review column and got sodomized by the firm for telling my story. To sum it up, I stayed away for a long, long time. Personally speaking, the Sony Ericsson phones are much better. But they are simply overpriced. So, I settled for the cheappie Motorolas and used three in a period of two years. That's cheap for you.

So, enter the Nokia N82. I was sent to cover the Nokia Wireless Adventure II : Soul of the night race. Well, since it was a job, I had to do what I had to do. Purely a professional thing. There were eight teams and each participant was given a cellphone. Yes. You've heard me. So, there was a contract and best of all, everyone's a winner. That said, I got my first Nokia. And no, I wouldn't pay for it cos it was simply too pricey for 'just a phone'.

Anyways, what's so good about this 'multimedia computer' as the technogeek would put it.. For starters, its got a built-in 5MP camera. Carl Ziess lens punya! I have got no faith in these little buggers cos they are inferior compared to a real digital camera. So, I tried snapping some shots. Actually, not bad. Resolution wise, its purty decent. And since its sensor is up to 5 Megapixels, there plenty you can do with it. The only nemesis for the N82 is a Sony Ericsson. Frankly, I'd love to sink my claws on the K-850i. But it was too pricey. And I believe its much cheaper now. And outdated. On the whole, the image quality can really fool a non-photo saavy person.

Next, its got a built-in Global Positioning System. Cool but I don't think I'll ever get to fully utilise it. Nice mapping software, solid graphics and purty accurate with the A-GPS thingie that uses radio frequency to triangulate your location.

Its 3.5G ready. I got a Celcom Prepaid 3G account. So, its matching lah! But I don't think I would ever utilise this function. Better get the laptop to surf the net. If the N82 can be used to push Emails, all the better...

There are other functions on this phone that you won't get on a cheappie RM300 Motorola. So, I'd say that all the running around to get news as well as being a full-fledged participant in the Wireless Adventure II race actually paid off!
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