Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My day off..

Tropical Equipment guys Kelvin and David
Benchmade knives Lydia showing off the Ti-Pika
Everybody loves H&K
Walther's High tech semiauto pistols
Robin and Jason from Sheares

Four days actually! Yeeeeeehaawwwww!!! My mind had gone to mush handling the Metro Southeast pages. And best of all, I learned that everything I know in the business can be thrown out the window. Again, humility rulz! I mean, I can write without giving the person who is going to clear my copy much pain. But when it comes to clearing other people's work, that's something else. You are dealing with a different kind of animal. My mastery of the English Language, grammar and re-writing abilities were put to test with copies coming from the Southern and East Coast states. Never did I expect such bad copies even after they were cleared by the respective bureau chiefs.

Tension ran high cos I came in without much preparation. The first few days, I got some shelling from an old hand on the desk. Seems that he likes gurls and praised one or two reporters from the stateside. And I must say that the guy in question ; is a good teacher. He gets grumpy and shows his emotions easily. But hey, when you are running out of time, shit happens. Took me a while to realise that I've got to get into his 'rythm' of doing things and when it works to his advantage, its smooth sailing all the way. Again - humility is observed..

So, after slogging for nine days, I finally got my days off.. So, the first thing I did, was to hook up with some old friends at the DSA 2008 show. I wanted to do a story on the what's new part. But when I got there, I'd simply lost focus. Saw Kelvin Yong and my old friend David Lim at the Halls, caught up with them and chatted with the Benchmade knives reps at the US pavilion. It was great. Then, I took off to get my Forum knife project going. The knives are at the mercy of my engravers now.. Anyways, three more days of rest before I head back to the crunch. At least now I know what to do...
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