Saturday, April 12, 2008

My RM19.25 lunch.

Entrance to the makan place
cili api and chopped garlic
Hakka noodles

I thought of holing in at home today. But the depleting supply of dog food kinda drove me out to my regular supplier at Subang Jaya's SS15 to get the job done. Otherwise the kidz will be upset.

After picking up the goods, I headed off to Sunway Pyramid. Parked there and made my way down to the 'Marakkesh' food centre. Impressive line up of makan places and I had wanted to check out this Hakka food joint. Its got Pork, glorious Pork! Oh yeah...

Ordered the Hakka noodles plus a small pot of Oolong tea. Was prepared to pay and well, service is prompt and the food got delivered on time. Portion's purty decent and best of all, they give sliced peppery hot cili api and chopped onions! These you get only at Bak Kut Teh stalls.. I took the shots with my new Nokia N82

So, how does this Hakka place fare? I saw on the menu that they have plenty of traditional Hakka dishes like the kow yuk, ham kai and so on. Very impressive. Price wise -- its a premium to eat in this place. But hey! Got Porco! I will bring my wife over for lunch or dinner someday...
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