Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Cool dawgs ya have here mister..."

Naughty Boy aged 2.5 years old

Queenie - 1.5 years old

Me and Sir Naughty at Dataran MBPJ

Michelle, my wife and I have been living with our Siberian Huskies for more than two years. Before taking in the dogs, I've done some research and found that Huskies are generally active dogs that needs to be excercised on a daily basis. Not an issue. They bolt and run and never come back - not an issue. They dig and damage things - not an issue. They are very loyal and loveable - we love them too!

Sir Naughty, our male Sibe - came into our household in late 2005. He was already a grown pup at that time. Naughty was five months old and a fiesty lil bugger. We had him dewormed and microchipped. He's no pedigree and I suspect that somewhere down his lineage, he had been crossed with German Sheperd. But the Husky traits on this pooch is purty apparent. He has markings and all the indications of a purebreed Northern dog. Naughty, as far as behaviour is concerned, is very different than the average Husky. He is also a good guard dog. We love the boy!

Sometime in late 2006, I convened with my wife and asked if we could add another dog into the household. She agreed primarily with the condition that I look after their feed and medical needs. So, came Queenie. A female Sibe I purchased from a local breeder. Now, this is a cute pup, stubborn and very independant. She doesn't show affection. But has adjusted well with the Samo family unit. We have trained her but her bad habits are hard to kick.. Now, we have two dogs at home and well, that'll be it...


Whenever I bring my kids, I always get : "Hey, you need airconditioning for your dogs ah? Not hot meh? Ey, kesian lah.. So hot here.." and so on. People in general associate Huskies with snow and the cold. Apparently the breed here has been stabilised through generations of breeding. So, no issues with heat. I met a person recently who told me that there is actually a movement here to stop Northern breeds from being imported into the country. What the fuck? I think these idiots need to be educated and addressed with the right form of awareness.. Its silly to say that all folks who keep Northern breeds are cruel people. Cruelty, is dumping a dog no matter what breed and using them as a 'status' symbol. We love the dogs and they make good company. That's all. Owning a Sibe doesn't mean you are successful or well off and I am not too favourable to folks who bring their Sibes to public places for the purpose of showing off.. As far as my kids are concerned, they get the care they deserve and plenty of love....

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