Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

My cellphone screamed this morning and the message read : "dinner with Mr and Mrs _ _ _ , please call Alan for confirmation and venue." I was barely awake and thought to myself : "Ummggghh.. Not worth my time." Then, got my shuteye for a coupla hours before heading off to collect the Forum knives from my engraver.

Do I miss having dinner with my former peers? Nope. Neither did I felt being left out with their guest from Australia. I'd probably be asked to pay my share for food I don't like in a shitty place. Good money shouldn't be wasted on people who are not worth my time.

So, I took out the left overs, warmed up the vege curry, stir-fried some cabbages, okras with my Thai turbo chillies and grilled some Ramly beef hotdogs. Time well spent with the wife. I must admit, my circle of friends had shrunked. Some people, I have written off. For good. Others, I keep dearly and close. With the exception of few, most of my ex-school mates have became materialistic and oppulent in their ways of spending. I for one, was particularly unfavourable of a company that discriminates and constantly insist that they are right. They can take their inner-circle thing and shove it up their ass.. No love lost..
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