Monday, April 14, 2008

G-9 : 6 days : 11 hours : 25 minutes old..

I took this landmark shot with the G7
This was the last shot before the camera went kaputt!

My Canon powershot G7 digital compact camera died on me while I was on my first assignment with the Star. Purty embarassing moment cos I had to ring up to call for back-up. Lucky for me, Abdullah, the OC sent down photographer Raymond Ooi to finish off the job..

Anyways, I sent it in for repair, the warranty expired three months after I bought it in late 2006, after I retired my Canon Powershot S80, a gift from Michelle, my wife. The G7 proved to be a workhorse, handling many chores and what I like about it, is the compact size and its ability to go really close with its macrophotography mode (something I can't do with the G1 and G3 in my keeps) and well, what I least expected was the camera dying on me. So, it went back to Canon Malaysia. I received a call four days later and the voice on the other end said : "Mr Sam ah, your camera ah, cost RM348.00 for repair. Shall I proceed ah?" My immediate reaction was : "What the F***?" One year three months, that's how long the camera had survived.

I gave up. Was about to engage on upgrading to a Powershot G9 till I contacted C.H. Loh, an old friend. He helped a lot in acquiring pocket cameras and was my only hope. Despair was the word that plagued my thoughts. I asked if he could get me a better rate and also emailed Teoh Peng Kee of Canon to see if he can do something.

Then, on that fateful day, Lam of camera service called. He said he could knock off RM100.00 from the bill. I asked if he can do more and his reaction was : "I'll see lah.." I went through with him on the problems I had and told him that I was a loyal Canon user, from G1, G3 and G7. "You have a G3?," he asked. That was the question that sparked my run of good fortune. "Send it in and I'll give you a new G9," he said. With a token sum of course! I corresponded with Loh through Gmail's messenger and told him about the situation. He told me that I was very lucky to get a new camera for a song! It was the happiest moment of my life.. :)

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