Sunday, April 20, 2008

Murphy's Law...

Expect the unexpected and when something goes wrong, it's all the way brother! I went in search of a new wash basin that my wife broke. It couldn't have happened on a better time. So, I found one and paid RM78. Well, guess what? It couldn't fit! The new bowl had to be retrofitted by Maniam, our regular contractor had fixed it for RM90. His gain, our loss.

I also went out in search of a new hot water shower for the guest bathroom and fuah!! Them prices are rediculous.. I mean, who would expect to pay RM600 for a brand new shower that came equipped with a pump? The search led me to Putra Heights and Shah Alam.

Yesterday morning, our main fridge had gone kaputt! Whaddaya know? It was evaporating like hell cos I didn't close it the previous night. Michelle had to empty the fridge and transfer all the perishables to our mini fridge and restart it again. Thankfully, the machine was able to function, allaying our fear that its not salvageable.. Otherwise, more $$$ down the gutter..
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