Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to class

Personal development is a good thing.And you are never too old to learn.I welcome such an opportunity to pick up new tricks in the trade and was given a chance to attend a
six-day copy clearing and editing workshop.This is divided into weekly sessions spanning over half a month.What made it interesting is the fact that I knew the trainer, who is the best in the field.He came highly recommended by an old friend of mine who is employed as a training manager in
the country's oldest English daily.In the first two sessions, I learned a lot about things that are majorly overlooked.And the point driven was the fact that most journalists are so used to what they see everyday, their
eyes become shielded from common mistakes and cliches.This was part of the personal enrichment that I was hoping to gain and I must say that I am glad to be
a part of.To me, it takes a lot of guts to actually own up for making a mistake, learn and move on.I think the trainer made his point too when he told the class that he was not there to solve problems
faced by reporters on day-to-day matters.What felt right, was the fact that he was there to teach his students on how to deal with copies and
employ the proper word usage.With two down, there are four more classes to go. That said, I am looking foward to the future sessions.
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