Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Portraiture of my kidz

Canon's EF100mmL F2.8 IS macro lens

My kidz

Sir Naughty

Dame Queenie

I've been using my Canon EF100mm F2.8L IS for a while.Its main function in my kit bag - is to capture bugs and its doing really well.The 100mm is a sound investment, incorporating Canon's latest hybrid image stabilization
technology.But having said that the image stabilizer works only beyond macro range.This applies to spot assignment photography where the usage of flashguns are not
allowed.Apart from being a primary macro lens, the 100mmL is also known as an excellent
portraiture glass.At the recent DCIM 2010 show, I saw at least a dozen of Canon camera enthusiasts who
were walking around with their macro lenses.Having seen its capability with the new EOS550D Digital SLR, I decided to try out the
100mmL with my dogs.I haven't been photographing them for a while and the results yielded with the 100mmL is
pretty amazing!

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