Thursday, May 13, 2010

The EF lifesize extender

We all learn from mistakes.And the shortcoming which I had experienced was the fact that the Canon EF 50mm F2.5
compact macro lens is only capable of handling large bugs when it comes to close-up
photography.To fully utilise the lens, an optical converter must be added to give it a 1:1 magnification
capability.This incurs additional cost and no one in the region actually stocks the converter.So, the only way to enhance its focal length is by adding an extension tube.The 50mm lens dated as far back as 1987 and is one of the oldest macro lenses that is
still in Canon's inventory.Compared to what's available now, its clumsy and its outdated electric motor is noisy when
you engaged autofocus on your camera.Image quality wise, the EF 50mm compact macro lens can yield some satisfying shots.I tried it on some dragonflies and managed to score some really good photos.Despite its age and shortcomings, I will keep the lens for product shots due to its short
focal length.The 50mm would serve as a back-up lens when my full frame camera body arrives.
Well, lucky for me, Roger Dinh, a fellow Suspect from the USN had given me his EF lifesize converter.
Since he sold his macro lens, the converter was lying around. He made an offer to give it to me which I gladly accepted.
I plan to test the EF converter and macro lens tomorrow at Bukit Nenas.
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