Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting the Samo-mobile in shape..

The Samo-mobile had its full service last weekend.To date, I've clocked nearly 90K on the odometer and the car has given me great service.Just days before I drove it to the workshop, there was a screeching sound coming from its
wheels.I found out that the brake pads were worn out.After a routine check-up, the spark plugs too were gone.This was the reason why the car engine's timing was low.After spending three hours at the workshop, I was slapped with a bill for RM220.This is much lower that what I am expected to pay at the Perodua's service centre.The nagging cost was based on the parts replaced.With the brake pads and sparks, the total bill was higher than the usual.Now that I had the Samo-mobile done up and ready for the road, I am looking forward to
our holiday in June where we are expected to go on a long haul with the kidz.
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