Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bukit Nenas Eco Park - City Forest rebranded

The Bukit Nenas Eco park is a place where I would deem as a 're-packaged' destination for nature lovers in the city centre.This is perhaps one of the oldest foliaged area with rich variety of flora and fauna.TS Ching, one of my macro outing buddies had checked it out earlier and came up with some really amazing shots of the insect population there.I managed to convince him to organise a day trip to this place on weekend.We had plans to take as many photographs as possible on location and head off to the DCIM 2010 show later in the day.Results? Well, there is a healthy spider population of jumping spiders and orb weavers and what suprised me was the absence of larger huntsman or even the Malayan tarantula.But then again, I might be wrong as the dense vegetation here, especially some really old trees would be the perfect domain for the large spiders.Hopefully, I would be able to round up the gang and check out the Jelutong trail which leads to Jalan Ampang where the Bukit Nenas cable station once stood.
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