Thursday, May 6, 2010

Model release

This picture was published today in my column. Was it wrong to use a shot of a family having their makan?

Here's something that came through the email:

"Dear Sam I happen to be an avid reader of your column - basically because food is one of my favourite topics!
However, I got quite a shock when I saw my photo in today's article! My family & I were indeed
enjoying our banana leaf lunch that day. But I would never dream of my picture being splased all over
the country doing that - harmless though it is. For reasons known only to me, I do NOT want to be
seen doing that. For many others, I guess it would seen like an 'honour' to be 'featured'...but I beg to
differ! Even if I were one of those eager to be seen, I would think that The Star would have the
decency to seek my permission first. After all, we were not seated that far away, judging from the
photo! I'm also in the publishing line - and I'm wondering how come The Star publishes photos of people
without permission? We're very careful with getting permission before going ahead with publishing
photos. With permission granted, we then acknowledge the persons involved. Does being the top
English daily give The Star the 'right' to do such things?? I'm seriously peeved and hope I get a good explanation? RegardsEvelyn

I replied to the person with an apology.

No harm intended and if you can see the shot, its basically a family having makan in a restaurant.

Generally speaking, I do not need anyone's permission to run a photo which shows part of the outlet.
The picture used was not in any way, bad publicity for the subject. That was not my intention. Let's see how things would develop from this point.
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