Saturday, May 1, 2010


A funny thing happened while I was making my way to the men's room.I bumped into one of the former desk man who got transferred to an on-line portal a coupla
months ago.He said: "Eh, you guys covered that sinkhole story right? Did the reporter get her story
through the phone?"I told him that she did exactly what was told and managed to string up the event that led to
the incident that happened on a Wednesday evening at Jalan University."Aiyah! You guys missed so many things lah! Bernama had the story in full," he exclaimed.What he didn't know was the fact that Bernama carried a follow-up based on the story which
was published.And to rub salt to the wound, this was the same guy who gave me a hard time when KL was
hit by a series of tremor.Ironically, he also worked in the country's oldest daily and actually carried on his old habits to
the present place where is employed.Known for being incompetent, the guy was finally thrown to a section where there are very
few workers.I guess that the best way to deal with such a character is to completely ignore him.
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