Sunday, May 9, 2010

A surprise find in Bukit Gasing

Rare find: Caponiidae Curtana

The Macromaniac team at Bukit Gasing on Friday night

Teamwork: our guys working on capturing the Caponiidae Curtana spider

My macrothon outing ended with a trip to Bukit Gasing.After leaving Bukit Tinggi, TS Ching and I headed to Raju's restaurant at Section 5 in Petaling Jaya. We got there about 5pm and had an early dinner.I noticed that the food and service at Raju's really sucked.What was more appalling was the fact that one of the food handlers actually tried to warm up a piece
of fried chicken in the microwave oven after taking it out straight from the frying wok.I rejected the order and continued with some conversation with Mr Ching.One of our regulars Derrick came later. He told us two other guys were supposed to link up at the Hutan Pendidikan entrance, but later, we
found out that they were no-shows.Master Kurt joined in and after we were done with our meals, we moved on to the trail head.Since we were early, there was enough ambient light for us to hike in to the tower trail.We shot our way in and found some really interesting bugs.There were tiger beetles, spiders and a couple of butterflies at the beginning of the trail.The fun only started after dark when we rigged up a perimeter with lights and worked around it.I was rather disappointed with my Black Diamond Apollo lantern because its NRG powerpack had
yielded only an hour of light.Lucky for me, I had my back-up lights: the Surefire Aviator A-2 and my trusty Fenix TK-40.Having spent nearly two hours in the jungle, the find of the day was a two-eyed spider from the
Caponiidae family.This rare creature was thought to be a mite, and everything that we saw defied our very
understanding of spiders.I managed to squeeze about five shots on my Canon MPE-65 lens that gave it a 2x magnification.The results were satisfying and we named our find Caponiidae Curtana in honour of Master Kurt who found the rare spider.
In total, we spent about 18 hours on two locations and its a worthwhile trip because we were rewarded with so many cool bugshots!

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