Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hail to the new Chief!

To date, I've survived the helm of a handful of bosses.And in journalism, you have to be able to seperate reality and fantasy in order to maintain your sanity.For me, I took the job because its the only vocation that allows people with limited qualification to develop their career.And under the powers that be, my path has been a long and windy trip.When I first joined a broadsheet newspaper as a trainee reporter, it was under one of the most powerful Group Editor and at the time, he had plenty of political backing.As time goes by, he made an exit to enable another figure head to step in. And as they put it: "You are as good as how long your political master would last.."Well, true enough, the new boss also took a bow and left the stage kicking and screaming.Much later, a younger and more ambitious leader took helm of the nation's oldest newspaper and with him, came a bunch of rag-tag mercenaries who are set to do his bidding.He too left the scene as his political master had stepped down.I will never forget this individual for two things.Firstly, he took vengeance on those who had spurned him. And to nail it on the head, despite all the good things that was said about this man, I found out the hard way that he is a fucktard.I put 15 years behind me and left for a greener pasture.That I found at my present workplace and it too has experienced some changes.A year ago, a new leader took over and placed his men on the top echelon.This included a corporate bigwig from East Malaysia and with him, a sackload of people who were strategically placed in various departments throughout the company.Now, he too had to go. And whatever that is left behind became the spoils of war.I caught wind that a new leader is on the way and he is expected to exact some changes.When he was named as the successor, I kinda took a step back.To me, this new guy didn't leave a good impression when our path crossed.I was told that he is a good boss in a weekly business publication.Well, all good things said and done, with the next transition, I guess the new guy too will bring in his cronies and for me, its just a matter of 'wait and see'.I am too far down to line to experience any unpleasant policy changes and it would be interesting to see how he holds court.
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