Sunday, May 2, 2010

The luxury of time

At the hill yesterday

A cute jumper

Close-up of a fly

Time is a luxury that I don't have.To manage it, I have to work ahead and plan every second, minute and hour.And in photography, the credo 'practise makes perfect' is like a religion.I managed to get some time off yesterday to head out to Bukit Gasing and practised my
close-up shots.Lucky for me, the weather was good enough to yield some bugs as my main subjects.Right now, I am still struggling to get a decent focus and exposure with higher magnification
shots and at the same time, improvise my close-up flash diffusion techniques.It became clear to me that if you have a narrow focusing band, the only way to get things in
perspective is a pair of steady hands and the eye for details.With insects, this is a challenge. Nevertheless, there's still plenty of room for improvements and with time as a factor, all is
not lost.
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