Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kota Damansara Community Forest

The Kota Damansara Community Forest is one place that was on my 'must go' list.After hearing much about this place from a forum member from, I
went in blind and tried to locate this place.The trip itself was a small adventure.I was lost and wounded up in Section 9 in Kota Damansara. After asking around, I was told that the Community Forest was actually located in Section
10 of the township.Finally, after spending nearly an hour searching for the place, I found it and much of its
description matches the photographs which I saw on the newspapers.I found a trail head and hiked for about 15-minutes. It led to a construction site. Frustrated, I went up to a group of old-timers who were waiting for their friends at the trail. I asked one of them about the forest and his response was: "Ah? You want to hike the trail
ah? You must hire a tour guide lah.."What the fuck? From his tone, I can sense some hostility. So, I went on to check out the rest of the Community area before leaving and found two
trail entrance.The middle-aged guy I was speaking to earlier was leaving behind a paper trail and it was
then that I found out that the guys were from the Kepong Hash Harriers. What a fucking bunch of retards.Anyway, I made my way into the trail and hiked for an hour before ending up at the 'Scouts
Trail'.During my solo hike, I discovered that the forest is rich with plant life.Sadly, the insect population was small.Even the jumping spiders were just babies.On the whole, I see some potential on a follow-up outing as well as a night macro do.
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