Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 23 Broga clean-up

Last weekend's trip to Broga was an eye opener.It dawned on me that I was totally unfit for straight hauls especially on the new hill route
created by hikers and members of the OUTBAC camp led by Dr Yap Heng Kai.He invited me to cover the Broga Hill clean-up on Sunday May 23. When we got there, the event was already over.Michelle and I made our way up the hill with our kidsThe boy can certainly pull, but at the mid-point, he was clearly tired and exhausted.I was literally fighting to gain control of my legs which was hurting due to the hard and
uneven soil.While the body was not, the mind was willing to push all the way.On certain point of the hike, I rested to gain composure and pushed on until we hit the
peak of the hill - which is roughly about 45-minutes hike from the trail head.Since the sun was scorching the soil, we decided not to stay on and ascended down the
hill with the kids.That said, there's much to be done on building my stamina. Now, my priority is to control
my weight.
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