Monday, October 24, 2011

Another new bicycle shop!

The new bicycle shop in Damansara Perdana
Bicycle shops are sprouting like mushrooms in the Klang Valley and one of the latest store to hit our shores is KH Bicycle in Damansara Perdana.

First impressions
I was enroute to Mini Velo bike shop in a shopping mall around the neighbourhood and saw this shop.
To my surprise, its next to the new Backyard Pub in Damansara Perdana.
When I got to the mini bike store, no one was around.
I rang up a number which was left behind, and was told that the store manager would only be back in after lunch. 
So, I walked over to the shop and found plenty of Scott bikes displayed there.
Most impressive, was the selection of knick-knacks.
Then, I approached this bald-headed bugger, who is in his 30s or old and asked: "Excuse me boss, you sell touring bike frames ah?"
"Oh, don't have. We only sell complete bikes...."
"I am looking for frames made by Surly," I continued.

"Ah, that one only can find in Singapore. You have to import yourself or buy through the internet..."
From the vibes, I sensed that this guy wasn't interested to answer questions by walk-in customers. 
He then referred me to a younger dude who is much friendlier...

The Singapore connection...
The younger dude was very helpful.
He showed some Scott bikes, (that looked like a piece of crap on two wheels) configured for touring. 
I guess the older baldie wasn't interested because touring bikes are cheapo and doesn't reel in the big moolah.
But the young guy was very enthusiastic. I give him credit for keeping the customer interested.
"We don't keep stock ah, you must order..."
I asked him what was the turnaround time, he told me about three weeks to a month.
Everything comes up from Singapore.
To the bicycling industry, this puny island republic is the centre of the Universe...

The bike
I was shown a picture of the Scott Sub 30. 
This is a chromoly framed bike that can take anything you can throw at it.
Looks nice, but since its not on display, it kinda looked like a big risk.

 I knew things won't go far with the attitude of the guys in this store, so, I picked up some knick knacks and paid for it at the check out counter.
Pricing-wise, I would say that they are reasonable. 
One of the items, a Minoura bottle cage adapter, is a whole lot cheaper than a bike shop in Damansara Uptown. 
They sold it for RM43 a piece while the other shop is retailing theirs at RM53. That's RM10 difference!
For a posh looking shop selling high-end bikes for the upmarket crowd in Damansara Perdana, I can safely say that the accessories sold there was impressive.
I struck a conversation with the baldie who told me that he too was looking for a Surly frame.
From the tone, the bastide was being sarcastic and at the same time, trying fish for more information. 
Rather than letting him jerk me off, I told him that there are people riding Surlies here in KL and its not only a 'Singapore' thing.
"Boss, Singaporeans are not the only people who can afford good bicycles.. If not, you won't open shop here la..", I said.
I think this store will do very well if they don't have that stand-off'ish fucked-up attitude.
After all, the money is still in my pocket and if they continue to behave like bunch of wild gorillas they can go back to their crowded little island across the causeway..
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