Saturday, October 22, 2011

Old Town Predator SS150 Canoe

The Old Town Predator SS150 carries a hefty pricetag here
I made my way to a local outfitter in Petaling Jaya.
Was looking for some NiteIze 'slap-on' blinker, but to no avail.
At the store,a middle-aged Indian lady too my query. But when a family walked in to complain about their goods, she turned her attention away.
So much for customer service.. hahaha!
Anyways, I noticed a section of the store is now home to some watercrafts and one particular canoe caught my eye.
It was an Old Town Predator SS150.
This is a legendary flat-bottomed canoe that comes with a transom. 
You can mount a 5-horse outboard engine and wade upstream with this baby and even when fully-laden, its capable of getting the job done.
The last time I sat on one was in Sungai Nenggiri in Kelantan.
Its very stable and at the same time, able to take at least three people.
This vessel is suitable for lakes and small streams. 
If I have a big house with a garage, this baby would be my pride and joy. Well, of course, its not practical as I hate getting in and out of water.
I asked the sales person about the pricetag and was old that the Predator SS150 costs RM9.8k. What the fuck? 
Even if you throw in freight, sales tax and duty, I don't think this boat would cost so much.
So, having seen it, the Old Town Canoe is destined to sit at the store for eternity.
On Cabella's website, this boat retails at USD$1,599 a pop.
This simply translates to about RM5.07k with plenty of spare change.
I feel bad for the local outdoor enthusiasts as they are slapped with some really horrendous pricing..
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