Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Foldie 2012

The perfect find: Tern Verge S11i
I am basically done with folding bikes.
We have six, three for each person ranging from 16" basic and high-end, 20" tourers and 20" full-suspension foldies.
I won't replace my Dahon Speed P8, but I would consider the Tern Verge S11i.

Technologically superior frame 
The Tern crew has produced an IGH folding bike based on the award-winning Vector platform.
This hydro-formed frame is said to be strong and yields a firm ride.
So, no flexing and twitches.
What I like, is the 11-speed internal gear hub.
This eliminates the need to clean the chain at all times. Its also much cleaner and virtually low-maintenance.
Based on what I see, this bike is solid.

The good stuff
The physis handlepost is something that is out of this world.
I can see that the Tern guys are putting a lot of emphasis on handling and having rode the Speed TR with its Andros steering system, I'd say that I can expect a lot of big things out of this bike.
Everything on this bike spells elegance and grace.
And at a pricetag of USD$2K (RM6,250 before 35% duty and sales tax), I'd say that its simply an upmarket product.
Since I won't be getting a MuXL, the Verge S11i is definitely in the running for my next bike project.

Classy ride: Tern's 11-speed IGH foldie
Rigged for touring
I placed a question on the Tern Forums.
Asked whether the bike can be fitted with rear and front traveller's racks.
The company's owner Josh Hon said most Tern bikes can be fitted with them.
Now, this is a bonus! 
I can fit the bike with by Ortlieb front and backrollers.
Well, I guess the Verge S11i is worth the wait. I can't wait to check out the bike once its launched here in mid-November...
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