Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sigma Micro R helmet light

The Sigma helmet light
I needed a blinker for my Dahon Pango helmet and I found one.
Its a Sigma (www.sigmasports.com) Micro R light, powered by two button cells and is capable of yielding a long run time.
Its a lower-end model compared to the Sigma Micro, which retails at a slightly higher price.
The Micro R comes in two colours - Red and White.
It retails about RM30, but I bet you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
A push-button on the top panel of the light sets it on momentary on or blink mode.
There is a small LED module on the business end and you get two sets of velcro straps to mount in on your helmet or backpack.

The Micro R on my Darth Pango folding helmet

- Two modes: momentarily-on and blinking
- Powered by 2 x CR2023 button cells
- Total runtime of 30 hours
- No tools needed to install the light
- Water resistant housing 
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