Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warming up my Speed P8

Re-activated: The 2009 Speed P8
I've made prior arrangements to meet up with my buddy Billy and his kid, Khidir at Putrajaya for a leisure ride last Saturday.
The deal was simple, meet at Masjid Putra and ride along the lakeside.
Coincidentally, my wife also planned to meet her friend at the same venue.
They were directed to park at the monumen alaf baru near the lake.
And as usual, Billy was late. And so were Michelle's friends.
By 08:00am, we rode towards the meeting point.
The family was already there, setting up their ride.
I rode my Speed P8 into a pool of water and nearly veered out of control.
Seems that I rode straight into a trench under four inches of flooded water.
Phew! That was a close-call!
Anyways, I went on with Billy to close-in a 10.5km loop around the lakeside.
Michelle had to entertain her friends and kids at a playground.

Cockpit shot of the Father and son team

By 10:00am, it was all over.
We made our way back to a cafe near the lakeside to have a drink before leaving Putrajaya.
There, I met Encik Izwan, a Dahon Eco C7 owner who was cycling on his own.
Apparently, his regular kakis - the Putrajaya Urban Riders (P.U.R.) were away on an outstation trip.
We chat a bit, had our drinks at the cafe where the service was horrendous.
After that, Billy and I drove to Jalan Diplomatik near Precinct 9.
He concluded that there is a good Nasi Kandar joint there.
We checked it out and the food is below-average.
What made my day, was this fumbling worker who spilled iced Milo on my left leg.
Later, we paid a visit to Rodalink's branch nearby and had Khidir's bike fixed before calling it a day....
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