Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are good to go!

Starmetro's cycling team with Kevin Tan, Glenn Guan, OCBC's Jeff Chew, Milo's Ng Ping Loon and Low Boon Tat
In the beginning... 
Way before the CFAL3, my colleague Kevin Tan asked if I'm interested to help in forming a cycling team.
I told him that the sales pitch would be for a small four-man team with two reserve cyclists. It has to be from the Metro section.
To get the numbers going, I asked around. Seems that none of the reporters were interested.
This left me with nothing by the pixmen who formed the core group. He had an office helper to come along.

The deal

Everyone has to chip-in. We have to look for sponsorship and I've set a goal to finance four brand-new bikes.
Initial discussions were made with Le Run Industries to procure four Polygon Helios 500 road bikes.
Its frame colour matches The Star's corporate scheme and is the perfect bike at a decent price.
I cut a deal with Le Run's Danny Teoh and ordered four bikes.

Taking a turn for the worse
By mid-August, letters were sent out.
We had The Star's Executive Director and GCE's blessings to proceed with the project. I told him that we are taking the challenge to answer Media Prima's entry to the OCBC ride.
Days went past and not a single response from our so-called 'Friends of The Star'
Time must have been hard.
A tobacco company asked for paperwork. We responded. At the end, they wanted to give a measely contribution of RM1k. 
I think that is not even pocket change, so fuck them! We don't need them.
Even some corporate big-wigs have kept their silence. We've helped them a lot, but for a small budget sponsorship, they shunned us...

A break
By early September, our boys are bringing in their bounty.
We've secured sponsorship from our old friend Milo and Powerbar.
Canon cameras came next and an event company also contributed. With the funds, we were all raring to go.

Delays, delays, delays....
I've closed a deal with the Le Run boys and managed to get four loan bikes.
Our official jerseys were fucked.
We couldn't meet the production deadline due to so many issues.
Finally, I managed to get Le Run's Chanson Lau to help out with a training jersey.
This was based on their Polygon Helios jersey. The colours were right. All we need to do, was to add our sponsor's logos.
Danny Teoh was also tasked to this before this trip to Bali, Indonesia.
When the bikes and jerseys were delivered earlier this week, I was astonished by the quality, fit and finish..

The Polygon training jersey
Fucking sour grapes..
I've been busting my chops to get the Starmetro cycling team going.
When the bikes and jerseys arrived, one asshole said: "Haiya, you should get me the Helios-700 instead of the 500 la!"
I told him that he had been jerking me off since the team was formed.
"Fuck you! and the politician next to you and the busload of supporters behind him! You said you can get funding, all I hear is you talking cock, singing song and playing mahjong... At least the rest had come up with funds, you got fuck all!"
I guess my outburst had silenced him. No more whining from this turd-knocker.

Rushed training..
With the bikes on hand, team Captain Kevin Tan conducted two training sessions with Glenn and Ehfan. The rest didn't take part and one of the pixmen had to travel overseas on assignment.
Milo's Ping Loon was committed on this project.
On Thursday night, we rode with OCBC's head honcho Jeffery Chew. 
It was also a photo ops that puts Starmetro's cycling team back on track..

And, now, the main event..
With hours away from the big day, I am all set to ride at the 21k community ride.
I paid a bomb for my wife to take part at the event.
Initially, OCBC's PR company had wanted to slip her in as a media participant.
I don't want a free ticket.
So, I was told that walk-in registrations are still being accepted. But to no avail.
This didn't deter me from forking out nearly RM300 to get Michelle and my buddy Billy in for the ride..

At the nick of time: Ehfan posing with the Helios 500 and our ride jersey

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