Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last call.. Part 2

Cheerful despite the gloom: Me and Billy at the junction
The show must go on..
Michelle performed flawlessly on her Dahon Jetstream P8. She climbed all the way to the signboard while I kept tow.
I rode past the body of the cyclist which was draped in a white sheet, overtook Billy for the last 100 metres.
For the beginner, this was the toughest section and what that is lurking ahead, is either a 10km uphill ride or a 6km roll towards the Hulu Langat Dam.
Rita and another cyclist were there waiting while Uncle Meng went in search of the two ladies who were behind us.
I can see that Billy was exhausted and breathing heavily.
We took a rest there and while we were at it, Billy was talking to one of the old hands who shared some cycling experience with him.
Far in the horizon, I can see a folding bike climbing.
It was the lady in the Reebok bike, but she was riding her friend's bike instead.
Then, out of the corner, the newbie cyclist was pushing her bike. She made it to the junction slowly as we rolled past her.
Down at the spot where the man died, I can see the same group of roadies who were keeping company.
It took a while before the police landrover came to remove the body for transportation to the morgue.
Michelle and Billy
Completing the ride
Another 10km towards Pekan Bt 18, but this was an easy ride back.
We've completed the first leg of the ride and thought that it was enough as time became a factor.
I need to head to the office because I was on duty.
Throughout the ride, Billy did pretty well. He didn't complain or showed any signs of fatigue.
He commented on some of the kampung houses along the way and the good life in the countryside.
The ride back to the starting point
Billy pointed out a warong that was located by the roadside at KM3 along the route.
I told him that the stall was quite lousy and some good coffee and nasi lemak awaited us at Nam Wah coffeeshop in town.
This is our usual hangout where you can meet plenty of cyclists.
When we got there, there were a group seated behind us.
They were talking about the dead guy and would have probably taken pictures of his body lying on the road.
I saw a lady viewing her smartphone. They were a couple cycling two 16" folding bikes we had encountered along the way..
Billy enjoying his nasi lemak...
I guess the talk of the day and for many weeks to come would be the dead cyclist. 
By 11:30am, we were pretty much done for the day.
It was a good 22.5km ride and we hope to return to this trail again to do the longer ride to the Tekala Forest Park.
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