Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The First Impression...

Mr Pink's reaction on folding bikes
Some folks live under a rock.
They are so set in their ways, its hard to conform to 'new ideas'.
I met a guy, Mr Pink recently who said he couldn't believe that I've done some century rides on my folding bike.
"You mean, you rode on that piece of crap? Is it safe ah?"
To Mr Pink, folding bikes are flimsy, handles poorly and are usually made of crap.
He could not comprehend the size of the wheels and a bike that folds in half.
"I don't think these bikes can last, I trust only bicycles with large wheels," he said.
Mr Pink insisted that he had never heard of folding bikes as an alternative for mobility and transportation.
He argued that such bikes are dangerous.
Then, came the magical question: "Eh, how much you paid for your bike ah?" 
So, I revealed the amount and got a mouthful from him about spending beyond my means.

Taking in the truth 
I told Mr Pink that he didn't pay for my bikes, nor did I owe him a fucking living.
"Look, just one bike costs more that the three pieces of shit bicycles in your household. 
"You cycle a few hundred meters in your housing estate and complain that the bike is no good, how can you shoot off your mouth with words coming out of your ass?" 
Mr Pink was dumbfounded. 
He didn't expect to be verbally raped.
The man thought that he was doing me a big favour by talking 'sense' by giving a lecture about the economics of scale.

Yeah, there are plenty of them out there..  
Mr Pink is just one of the many ignorant people who lives underneath a piece of rock. 
He is oblivious to the fact that there are factors like quality, fit and finish that made things good.
Obviously, the word: "High Performance" does not exist in his vocabulary.
After much research, he called me one day.
"Eh Samo, I want to get a new bike...
"Its a folding bike with suspension. Okay ka? 
I asked him if he was serious, he said 'yes' and told me that he had been thinking hard.
It sparked off with a visit from a neighbour who was riding his folding bike.  
"Eh, my neighbour came by, he was cycling a Dahon bike. Its very steady la...
"I want to get one, can recommend ah?"
I knew that somehow, his enthusiasm was just a bag of hot air.
He rang me up again, this time, from a bike shop in Bangsar.
"Hey Samo, this bike, the Jetstream P8, I like it la, but its damn fucking expensive!
"You know where I can get a cheap one ah?"  
I told him that if he wants something cheap, he can go to Giant Hypermart.
"Ah, there's a full-suspension folding bike at Giant, cheap-cheap!"  
Mr Pink was very excited with the prospect of scoring a new full-suspension folding bike and made his way to the said location.
Then, he rang me up again.
"Eh Samo, fuck you la! You think I am an idiot kah? 
"Why you recommend me a cheap ass bike?"  
I told Mr Pink to calm down. 
"But you wanted cheap right? The bike is a folding bike with suspension right?"  
He paused for a while.
Then, he said: "I want something like that Dahon la! RM250 with full suspension, I thought the quality is the same!"  
Mr Pink said I should reimburse him with petrol money and a meal for his family because I wasted his time.
Obviously, he was not in a mood to joke. He was dead serious.
All Mr Pink wanted, was a high performance bike for RM250.
I told him to dream on. He could drop dead 100 times and get resurrected 200 times all over again, he would never get what he wants.
"Why don't you crawl back to your fucking cave a sulk you fucking loser!" 
Everything he had ever hoped for was dashed.
But hey, the full-suspension foldie in Giant is still waiting.. And it will never get stale...  
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