Thursday, October 6, 2011


A newbie who just bought his folding bike contacted me recently.
"Eh Sam ah, I just got myself a Ferrari folding bike..." 
My initial reaction was: "Wow! A Ferarri at a fraction of the price!"
He went to a dealer with the intent to purchase a Dahon, but was told that the bike is a piece of crap and that folding bikes that are licensed by car manufacturers are highly sought-after. 
As far as I've known, car manufacturers do not produce bicycles. But they do deal with premium companies and lend their brand as a licensed merchandise.
So, if you do come about brands like Saab, Renault, Rallyart, Chevrolet, Jeep and so on, chances are, their trademark were used by licensed merchandise manufacturers.
The frame and components are supplied by OEM companies because car manufacturers don't make bike parts. That is a fact.
So, that said, my newfound friend was very disappointed after being duped by the dealer who sold him the Ferrari. 
I told the dude that this is no case for despair.
"Ride it in good health and when you are ready, get a real bike. Get a Dahon.."
Yeah, seems like I am trying to Dahonise the guy by exorcising him with some Dahon sales talk.. But all good things said and done, its a learning curve. I hope he could recover from learning that he had been cycling a piece of lemon and move on.. 
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