Sunday, October 9, 2011

The foldie race

The Polygon foldie category was a last-minute addition
A couple of weeks ago, I received a message by another foldie.
He said anyone who had signed up for the 52km challenge can now shift to the foldie category.
This was created in mind of new suggestions for the ride on next Sunday.
I managed to talk to OCBC's Chan Kok Leong and asked him what the whole deal was all about.
He told me that there a few hundred foldies in this new category.
My immediate reaction was: "Fuah! Really ah?"
I met Polygon's Danny Teoh and asked if he was aware of the new category. 
He was in the dark.
Now, the rumour that is floating around is this: a publicity crazy bike shop owner had mooted the idea so her kiasu customers can sapu all the top prizes..
I don't know if its true, but its definitely entertaining to hear that people would go to extreme lengths to win some plastic medals.
Its also a good plug for the bike shop!
Strange thing is, why pay RM98 to cycle 21km? 
If you look on the broader picture, this goes to say that foldies who had initially signed-up for the 52km and downgraded to 21km are so weak, they could only manage two rounds.. Hahah!
When I received the participant's list, fewer than 80 people are in the Polygon Foldies Community Ride.
Way it sounds, the kiasu buggers with their souped-up bicycles who had trained very hard for this would be in the running for the top prizes.
The saving grace is the fact that some foldies I know are sticking put to their 52km challenge. Good on you guys!
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