Thursday, October 20, 2011

Penang Foldie Ride

The Penang Foldie Ride was announced recently on
Its an initiative by the Penang G-Club where some of its members are hardcore folding bike enthusiasts.
I pitched this idea to my boss who was keen to run a picture spread on Starmetro.
So, looks like I'll have to work with my Penang counterparts to put this together.
I've just booked a one-night stay in Georgetown at Tune Hotels and will be working on the logistics.
Seems that I'll have to drive up to the Pearl of the Orient on Friday morning and check-in at the hotel by mid-day.
The plan is to hook up with some foldies in Penang, have some teh-tarik and join in the ride later at night...

The rider's list on G-Club's website
Co-incidentally, some of the MKF guys are also having a meet and greet.
But that is on Saturday.
I'd probably pay Ahmad Nadir of Outdoor Dynamics a visit at his store before shooting back to KL on Saturday.
Since Sunday is a working day for me, I'll be too bonked to get back to off on the day itself.
After going through the list, I think I am the only dude from KL to ride in this event.. That all depends on whether any last-minute participants would register on Friday Oct 21, which was set as the closing date...
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