Thursday, October 6, 2011

Five most distinguished foldies in Malaysia

What I am going to mention, may trigger some reaction from the cycling crowd. 
Folding bikes have been around for a long time in Malaysia.
Its popularity had recently risen due to the hard work of certain individuals in promoting this class of bicycle.

1. TT Siang
- Architect by qualification, Mr Teoh is also an inventor specializing in solar panels. He started with an el cheapo folding bike and toured some countries in the Indo-China region and is a well-known bike-packer in the country. Siang recently led an expedition from Haadyai to Ko Lanta in Thailand. He has nearly a dozen folding bikes and can be seen cycling his Dahon Cuve SL and Mu SL.

 2. Bil Choy
- Mr Choy is one of the most experienced folding cyclist in Malaysia. 
With more than 20 years under his belt, this is one of the most distinguished foldie around. Choy is also one of the earliest cyclist to ride and commute with his Brompton folding bike and influenced many cyclists to follow suite.

3. Col (B) Azudin Fuad
- Pack leader of the Putrajaya Urban Riders, Col Azudin is responsible in the growing numbers of folding bike kakis in the township. He owns two Dahon bikes and is now getting a Brompton foldie shipped from the UK.

 4. Ng Chor Guan
- Music composer Guan is known for his London-Bonn trip. 
A well-respected foldie, he has a big following especially among newbies and the performing arts circle. Guan is one of the nicest foldies around.

 5. CS Wee
- Former Air Force man Mr Wee is living proof that 'Old is Gold'.
Commuting between his home in Kota Kemuning in Selangor and Butterworth, Mr Wee has plenty of experience riding his 2010 Dahon Speed P8 around the Northern states in Peninsular Malaysia...

Other noteworthy foldies

Ng Sek San - This famous landscape architect has a vast following especially among the greenies. His newly-formed guerilla cycliing group pledges to pour concrete on all the potholes around bike commuting routes in the Klang Valley. Let's hope this is not some hot-hot chicken shit thing...
Uncle FC Meng - Best-known for his KL-Beijing and BentontheAlps tour, Mr Meng had recently obtained a Dahon Expresso and can be seen cycling around some of the most exotic routes in the country...
KA Nordin - Encik Kamarul is also a distinguished sketch artist and is part of the Putrajaya Urban Riders. He now cycles a Brompton to work.
Pauline Lee - A rose among the thorns, Pauline owns a Moulton TSR and a Red Brommie. She had organised a few rides involving foldies like the '10-10-10' ride and the famous Jungle Railway Ride. 
Andrew Sia - The Star's star cyclist. Sia popularized folding bikes with his well-researched article that appeared in Star2 recently and his Ko Lanta report is expected to be published this weekend....

Well, there are a lot more foldies out there who have formed their own groups and are actively cycling around the country. Hope to meet them someday! 
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