Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pak Din Ikan Bakar

Hot rice with some grilled goodies!

Tamarind gravy with chopped chillies and onions

Grilled squid and stingray

Pak Din at the grill..

It rained again this morning. Turns out that the sky has been gloomy and having two soggy dogs dashing into the living room don't help. My
mission was to head downtown and check out this ikan bakar place.I had no clue where it is except for a landmark, the Tanglin clinic at Jalan Cenderasari. Having heard of the good
makan there, I decided to log some data on my GPS as well as photos for my up and coming column.When I got there with my buddy CM Khor, the food stall was packed with Government folks including cops taking
an early lunch break.I ordered squid, a piece of stingray and one Indian Mackerel. As anticipate the food was good. The
barbequeued fish goes will with its tamarind-chilli and chopped onion dip. Damage? RM30 and well, since its
good, I can look forward to a follow-up visit soon!
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