Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid week blues..

I've had a good five-day break from work and now, its back to the crunch.Been getting some positive vibes on the Food Trail V2.0 rollout after presenting some prizes to our monthly
contest winner.Later, I met up with an old buddy and talked about the passing of our former training manager M A Razman. He
was 60 and died in his sleep. To me, this was the man who is responsible for honing my journalistic skills. Without his guidance, I might as well
be a mediocre reporter.Rest in peace and travel well my friend. As for the weekend, we spent some quality time at the farm with our
dogs. Michelle had a good break too and is wondering if she should proceed to the US when the swine flu was
declared as an epidemic.With just two days away from May and squid season, I am hoping for a smooth month. Seems that there's plenty
on my plate, so, the next course of action, is to dig in and prepare for some damage control.
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