Thursday, April 16, 2009

D5000 vs 500D

Nikon's D5000
Canon EOS 500D

I think the entry-level digital single lens reflex camera market is heating up with some excitement.Nikon had announced their D5000 camera to compete with Canon's EOS500D. Both cameras are expected to
hit the streets here by the end of this year.I'd say in terms of innovations, Nikon has something new that others will envy. The D5000 comes with a swivel
LCD panel. It also boasts of many features that sets it apart from the 500D. And speaking of affordability, Nikon has the
edge. With a combination of a good entry-level zoom lens, the D5000 kit will be something most beginner and
advanced photography enthusiast would anticipate.Although the 500D is new, many of its features are a legacy from its predecessor - the 450D. Here in Malaysia,
its a wait and see game and I would say that although Canon did not get the thumbs-up for innovation, they
certainly get my nod of approval for good customer service.Nikon, on the other hand, has a long way to go. They have a legacy of staffing from Shriro trading who was
previously the agent for Nikon camera in this country.In my experience, their sales and service team sucked to the highest order. I like Nikon cameras, but wouldn't
pay to upkeep the morons that sells them here.
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