Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mrs Samo and Dr Raquel

Mrs Samo

Dr Raquel
A Filipino knifenut alerted me about Mrs Samo that bears some resemblance to a forensic expert from the country.
I checked out the photo and found that their side profile does bear some similarity.
Here's the lowdown on the mother of modern forensic science in the Philippines:

Dr. Raquel B. del Rosario-Fortun,MD is the First Filipino Woman Forensic Pathologist, and has been involved in the investigation of recent disasters and high-profile crimes in and out of the country.
As one of the first Filipino pathologist formally trained in forensic pathology, Raquel has dealt with difficult and controversial cases and contributions to the understanding of forensic pathology and other forensic sciences in
the country.
She could very well be the Mother of Forensic Pathology in the Philippines after teaching her craft for 17 years.
She travels around the country hardly refusing an invitation to teach and seizing every opportunity to reach out through media interviews so the public will learn more about forensics.
Raquel del Rosario-Fortun was one of the 2002 TOYM Awardees for Forensic Pathology.
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