Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Makan @ Dragon Star restaurant in Kg Tunku

Last weekend, the Lau clan and I went out for dinner at the Dragon Star restaurant in Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya.This is a new makan place in town and fuah, I was blown away with the dinner crowd there. I guess a good price
point and a wide selection of good food became the draw.We ordered stir-fried winter beans with lotus root, the house style tofu, steamed ikan baung with yellow rice wine,
deep fried duck and pork knuckles.While my father in-law and I were busy dunking down the beers, I noticed that the crowd was slowly filling up the
dining hall.First to hit our table was the fried veges and the tofu. I would rate the fried lotus root and winter beans as good
and well, the tofu was no great shakes.The flavour of the day was steamed ikan baung with yellow rice wine (cheeng wong chau pak sou kung). With
catfishes, you can't go wrong.I found the doneness correct as the sweet tasting flesh of the fish was tender and fine textured. The only part
which was the overkill was the see yau wong (soya sauce king) gravy (one part water, one part soya sauce and
one part sugar) which was blasted with mei ching (monosodium glutamate).My wife has low tolerance to this and complained of the sharp tasting flavour. In steamed dishes, especially
freshwater fish, usage of MSG is very common.Next up, was the deep fried duck. This, I found it to be too dry. The only dish that I would rate as 'outstanding', is
the pork knuckles.It came with a sweet sauce dip which goes down very well. Pound for pound, this dish is worth every ringgit and
sen. As for the total bill plus beers, it came up to RM197.00.Pretty decent for a restaurant setting. Seeing as it is, I think Dragon Star has plenty of potential if they come up
with some innovative Chinese dishes.
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