Friday, April 10, 2009

N82 vs C902

Okay, its time to lay the smackdown!I have been using the Nokia N82 multimedia cellphone for a year. In my humble opinion, this tool has the best features and user interface.First off, Nokia's Carl Ziess lens wins hands down. I was sceptical with its abilities, but after toying with it for a while and using the images on my weekly column, the phone became an indespensible tool.As far as connectivity is concerned, no issues. The built-in A-GPS feature also helped a lot in keying in some POIs on my trail.The sucky part is the data streaming charges. Totally off! Now, the N82 is in semi retirement due to its bashed up appearance. It has been hard-used and its battery life was not what it used to be. And speaking of accessories, Nokia has cheaper on-the-road essential such as their car charger.I think a new battery and casing will do to revive it. Next, I would like to sum up what I feel about the Sony Ericsson C902.This was a gift from my in-laws last Christmas. Its built solid and has a 5-megapixel camera. But compared to the Nokia, its image quality and user-friendliness sucked.Not only the controls are difficult to handle, a slight nudge on its sliding camera hood will set it off. As far as the controls on this phone is concerned, I have no issues because I have used the Ericsson phones before.My only beef with this cellphone is the data streaming capabilities which sucked majorly.So, which phone gets the Samo approval? N82!
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