Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I received an SMS from Canon Malaysia yesterday.It says that I have to pay RM425 to repair my pocket camera. Rang them up and told the tech guy that their
cameras are getting from bad to worse.I have cycled through at least three generations of the Canon Powershot G-series. Said to be the top end
'pro-sumer' (Professional Consumer - a word coined by lazy copywriters) camera with features found in cameras
with interchangeable lenses, the G-series made its mark some eight years ago.While I was really impressed with the powershot G-1, the product got better and better. So, after skipping a few
G-models, I settled with the G-9 which I acquired last year.After a year, barely days when its warranty expired, the camera died on me. So, I spoke to techie's manager
whom I had dealt with on a swap for a G-3 for the G-9 and told him my issues with QC and reliability.He said he will 'take care' of things and this morning, I received another SMS for Canon Malaysia notifying me
that the camera was repaired at no cost.See what you can do with a phone call? My justification is the fact that most of the images captured by the G-9
was used and published in the Star. This is a priceless promotion for the brand.Anyways, I am grateful with the fact that the repairs department manager had fixed my camera at no cost. And
meanwhile, I am waiting for the HR department to approve my camera loan. I will replace the G-9 with the newer
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