Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh man..

Today is a day where everything was kinda screwed up.Firstly, some morons rang up to complain about some issues around their neighbourhood. I told one of them to
write-in and she went ballistic.Maybe the woman is going through PMS. All of the sudden, she became obnoxious and sarcastic. She wants
things to be done her way and the rest can take a hike.This bitch raised my blood pressure and my next course of action was to take down her number and do a follow
up. It could be nothing and people being people, they want to make a mountain out of a ant mound.Later, the ad guys told me that some of the honchos were not happy with my work. The Food Trail column, it
seems, has drawn some flack.Hey, that's the way I write it, I can improve but if I have to bend over backwards to please a small crowd, then I
guess the best thing to do is to pull the plug. No love lost.Anyways, since the column is drawing revenue, some folks have become annoyed. Their loss, my gain. I
shouldn't be gloating at all because its a lot of work to put up the pages on a weekly basis.My boss told me that gauging from readers response, the Food Trail column had risen with popularity especially
among the Klang Valley folks.Well, to me, its work. I commit to what I was told to do the very day I signed up for work in The Star. I vowed to do
better and lead the way in creative writing. Then the folks who paid nearly a quarter million ringgit for the page is demanding for this and that. I was even
offered to work for them to promote their brand. I said no. The only saving grace was a trip to town where a contact paid for lunch. Its curry fish head and I finally get to meet
the owner of the stall in Kampung Attap. He was happy with the fact that The Star had mentioned about his outlet. The rest was a session of catching up
with some old friends.Otherwise, I am done for the day. Tomorrow, Star Metro will be receiving an award from the Royal Rotary Club
for excellence in Community reporting. I will be there to provide moral support to my co-workers who will receive
the token.
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