Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mapping software update..

I had my Garmin NUVI 610 fixed!There were some software compatibility problems earlier and with some help from a seasoned GPS reseller, I
managed to get the issues resolved.First, there was the mapping software issue. Seems that my attempts to update the maps had failed miserably.
Now, the NUVI is loaded with the latest Malaysia and Singapore road maps.And this includes points of interests around the country. Another value-added feature. The reseller also told me
not to part with the unit because its one of the best around.Initially, I wanted to ditch it and replace it with the newer NUVI 760, but having seen the slight difference in
features as well as user interface, I decided to hold on to it a little bit longer.Apart from the software and map update, I also got the trusty GPSmap 76csx updated with some topography
maps and purchased a blue chart marine map. This will be used next month during my squid-jigging trip. So, having said that, I'll be looking forward to some
GPS action with the 76csx!
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