Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food Trail 2.0 rollout

The logo's new addition - a knife on my side.. Ahahah!

A new era begins today. Lam Soon, one of the largest food products manufacturer in the country has signed up with The Star to buy up my
'Food Trail' column.After a year of hard work, my efforts are bearing its fruit of labour. Its generating income for the section. Now, its
an entirely different ballgame. Apart from entertaining the readers, I must now 'look after' the column. This means, more outings during lunch
break and in my quest for good street food, I don't think there'll be any shortage of information.When I took up the challenge to provide Star Metro's Central edition with content on a weekly basis, I depended
on my experience and 15 years of writing had nailed it in.With a quarter million ringgit as part of the deal, I'll have to raise the stake. The deal with Knife Cooking Oil is for
a year and word had it that there are long-term plans for this project.
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