Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tax Season..

Aaaah! Another tax season. This morning, I've summed up enough courage to head down to the main hall at my workplace where the inland
revenue board folks are having a special counter service for taxpayers.I've been a taxpayer and a defaulter for years. Last year alone, the IRB lobbed off RM8K from my monthly salary.
As a result of not declaring my tax returns, I have to pay about RM750 a month to cover the scheduled
deductions. This month, I will be liberated from the tax bondage. As for the special counter service, I've set up an e-account
with the IRB - which means I don't have to submit my tax return forms manually.After working out the nitty-gritties, I found out that I have overpaid my taxes. This means a refund is due. Having
said that, I've survived the tax season for last year!
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