Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unlimited coffeeshop hokkien mee

Me, working out some sweat..

The prized find

Mrs Samo and her pan mee

The noodle stall at SS14

Michelle and I checked out a makan place in SS14 Subang Jaya last weekend.The food was quite good and one of the attractions there was the Prawn noodles. At RM6.50 a bowl with all the
goodies thrown in, I'd say I got my bang for the buck.While my wife had a bowl of pan mee, I chowed down the Hokkien mee that was blasted with pork ribs, belly and
some shrimps.Then, as I was slowly enjoying my chow, I guy came up and asked: "You are from the Star right?". Stunned for a
moment, I leaned back and said: "Yes, I work there." "Oh, I really enjoyed reading your column," he said, extending his hand in a friendly gesture. I acknowledged the
guy and thanked him.We continued with the food and shot off to Subang Parade to get some stuff for the Yee family in Melbourne. It
was a good outing and well, now that I found another eating spot, I'd certainly return for more good treats.

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