Monday, April 6, 2009

Slash time!

Ugh! Its that time of the year again. My Perodua MyVi's insurance is about to expire. I have 11 days to get it renewed and as usual, it costs a bomb
to put the car on the road - legally!So, this year, I managed to stash some cash aside in anticipation of the yearly slaughter. Initially, I paid about
RM995 and subsequently as the value of my car depreciates, so is the insured sum.For this year, the MyVi is valued at RM33K. Thats nearly 20K off the mark. And the longer I keep it, the less value
to it and at the end of its shelf life, it'll be a worthless heap of junk.The insurance chalked up to RM850 including windshield cover. At first, I kinda thought it was unecessary. But
after giving it much thought, RM90 won't hurt a bit if something comes smashing through.With the month still in its very early stage, I forsee a long and winding road ahead. But the thing I can look forward
to - is the end of my Inland Revenue deduction. The IRB had lobbed off nearly 10K from my salary. With the extra cash in hand, I can at least save up for my
Vegas project..
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