Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh what a day!

Sleep depravation aside, today is a work day.No arguments about it. I've had an easy morning, the kidz are showing signs of recovery from their skin bacterial
infection.Since I'd stocked up on greens yesterday, my gorgeous wife made me an egg sandwich. And to complement
what she gave me for breakfast, I made a seaweed salad which I packed with my lunchbox.Driving to the office too was not an issue because I made it to the workplace in less than half an hour. And as a
creature of habit, I began the day by typing my daily report and later worked my way down to the canteen to catch
some chow.Before mid-day approaches, my boss reminded me about a small typo error in our new food columnist's page.
The girl who wrote it, although not that famous yet, had pointed out that her blog address was missing a
hyphernation symbol.Instead, it url lead to another blogger's site with the similar name. Well, mistake spotted and corrected. I had it
amended through our on-line department. No issues with that.Seems that the blogger in question loves to eat in posh places and coffee shop. Having her on our pages was a
direct instruction from my bosses, big bosses boss. So, no questions asked. In her blog today, she thanked credited my boss for the new column. Yeah, and I did all the Bangla work...
And the string of comments on her blogspot also congratulated her for the effort. Having said that, let's see how she can cope and keep up. It may seem like competition, but my work is an a
league of its own.Later in the day, I made my way to Pusat Bandar Puchong to pick up my vehicle's road tax.Its due on the 17th and having the new one plastered on my windscreen was the saving grace. This gets me out
of trouble with the cops.Then, I had lunch at a coffee shop where its famous for their roasted pork dishes. Well, the makan place was
packed to the brim. I almost gave up, but an empty seat at the rear of this coffee shop gave me some hope. I placed an order for
roasted duck and pork rice.Paid RM6.50 for it and the meal came within 10-minutes. But the moron who served me forgot to give me a fork.
I was left with a spoon and well, not wanting to blow my top, I finished the meal. The meal was decent, so, I let the guy live lah. After makan, I made my way to the IOI mall to get some salad and peppers for tonight's meal. Back at the office, the rest of the day was mopping up operations. Tomorrow, I can look forward to another food round in the city.
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