Sunday, September 5, 2010

And now, the waiting game..

A coupla days ago, I wrote an article about a food stall.
It got published and the first thing I get in the morning, was a call from the head honcho.
The story had caused a stir. So much so, the owner of the original stall had taken a full-page advertisement the next day.
I called him to follow-up and was told that he blew RM26K to 'clarify' the situation.
He assumed that I was aware of some 'issues' he had with his sibling on the business he had built.
I don't know about it and I don't care.
Food stalls are food stalls.
My head honcho wanted me to clear this mess up as soon as possible and as a courtesy, I called the owner to meet him, which he had agreed in principle and the session was supposed to take place today.
Nothing happened. He text-messaged me to tell me that something 'urgent' came up.
I rang him up and replied his text message. Na-da.
Then, my immediate boss called. Told me about owning up, doing the right thing and that I had a free-hand at writing my column.
"Now, I know you hate to do this dirty deed, but when the boss wants things done, he means it and wanted it done immediately..."
The best thing about being an adult is embracing responsibilities.
I am accountable for what I do, and if the guy is playing mind games with me, I will see through it.
On my part, I have done the necessary, I did what I was told and now, all there is to do, is wait..
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