Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awana trail closed

A couple of weeks ago, I organised an outing to the Awana trail near Genting Highland.
When we arrived at the trail head, it was barricaded and a security guard who was on patrol rode past us and said we had to gain permission to access the area.
What used to be a popular haunt for birders and macro photographers is no a no-access zone.
We went to the resort's club house and were told that an entrance fee of RM35 will be charged with a waiver form.
Now, this happened in August and was a result from an accident where some smart assed birder got hurt when he stumbled a couple of hundred meters into a ravine.
This stupid guy's action has a cascading effect.
After all the formalities with some help from nice guy Eddie, we checked out the route and managed to get a couple of shots taken.
For me, the Awana trail now is a another placed added in the 'no-go' list.
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